Performance & Track Record
I believe our track record stands alone in your marketplace. We closed nearly 350 real estate transaction sides last year alone. Our nearest competitor closed approximately 150 closed transactions. On average, we currently close a real estate transaction nearly every day. We hold every major local sales record for the past 7 years since we began to track this information. Cathie and her team have closed over $1.4 billion in real estate transactions, many times more than our nearest competitor. Due to the number of clients we work with, we represent the highest probability of selling your home, representing the buyer and producing the lowest possible commission expense. No Realtor in your marketplace currently competes with the level of sales attained by Cathie Marples & The Marples Team.

Organization & Resources
We are the only true real estate "Team" in your marketplace. We are the only real estate team with seven full-time employees who oversee and address every aspect of your real estate transaction with five times the manpower and attention of a single agent with part-time help. We have a Client Care Manager who handles our phones, client correspondence and most inspection and scheduling issues. We have an Escrow Coordinator who handles the extensive paperwork involved in all real estate transactions. We have a Marketing Manager who oversees our unequalled marketing program and all of our weekly, monthly and specialized print media advertising. As our Operations Manager, I over see our entire team and am available to our clients seven days a week. I also handle our internet marketing and the 300-400 internet leads we generate every month and the 7500+ prospective internet buyers currently on our server. We are the only real estate team in your marketplace to offer evening hours of operation. We are available more hours of the day, with more personnel and resources than any other Realtor in your marketplace. We also offer free moving van services when you relocate within the Bay Area.

Our marketing program is greater in scope, reach and size than every agent in our marketplace and larger than most advertising by entire real estate offices. We reach over 650,000 prospective buyers every week! No Realtor in your marketplace offers their clients this scope and size of marketing program. We insert a high quality 4 page full color brochure featuring all of our listings, increasing the visibility and interest of each listing. We also run a quarter page, color ad bi-weekly in every major local newspaper. We have the most far reaching internet marketing program with the only customized listings and Featured Homes on Realtor.com and dozens of other real estate web sites. We commit more resources toward our marketing program than any other Realtor in your marketplace and place your home in front of the highest number of potential buyers.

We offer the finest real estate representation available in your marketplace. As owner and broker of our company, Cathie is able to provide her clients additional assistance and support that most Realtors who work under a Broker cannot offer. Cathie can match almost any offer made by another Realtor. Thank you for your time and consideration and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Matt Marples
Operations Manager
Cathie Marples & The Marples Team
Marples & Associates

Cathie Marples
Broker / Owner
Marples & Associates